Could I be any more frustrated?

Haven’t had a good night sleep in too long. Probably 6 out of the last 8, including two or three terrible nights. And I had an early alarm set for this morning to catch up on some work.

So far, 2017 is not going well on this front.

Mostly rundown unchanged. Some interaction and stress – and the anxiety is definitely making a revisit. I managed (again) to pause, be controlled, and even sit down and meditate briefly to re-center and calm the anxiety (I did this once over the holidays as well). That’s a nice tool to have available.

Now to just figure out what is at the root of this sleep problem. Normally, it would seem hypo-manic, but I haven’t had the other symptoms (and very few of the positive symptoms – which feels like an extra kick in the teeth: all the downside with none of the upside).

Could I be any more frustrated?