2016 Rundown

This post accompanies the next. Wanted a quick rundown but it didn’t fit in with the rest of the post.

Information Diet: greatly reduced. Holidays, far less reading (though not none: should maybe have tried none).

Caffeine: Mostly usual strict limitations. A few times where a bit more than average (drip coffee laying available is a siren that calls to me).

Diet: “Poorly” (holidays! so the “poor” was planned, not a failing). Some supplementation continued.

Interaction: A lot. Possibly record new high levels (though different than the normal business/social types: time spent with family). And definitely some that was “inspirational” idea-wise.

Exercise: Slightly more than average (read: barely above sedentary).

Stress: Mostly low, a few moments of very high (mostly the period of time before holidays in the mad scramble of trying to get everything done).

Induction: First, what is this? Oh right: “what things are inducing, eliciting, or drawing me forward or towards happiness?”
This has been pretty good. Moderately higher than average. Again, some stressful items here (it’s possible that induction items will always spillover into some stress: good challenge inducing towards better things is somewhat stressful).

2016 Rundown

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