Stuck in a loop

3:07 am

Well, so much for being past the hypo-mania-induced sleep issues. I really thought I was over this particular blip, but I’m clearly not – still stuck in this loop.


Caffeine: Not an issue today – continued with having very little / none.

Diet: Continued eating “less well” so I don’t know what impact this may be having – but no change recently.

Interaction: This past week has been far more taxing. And, while I’ve been trying to be judicious and careful, sometimes I end up doing a bit more than I’d choose based solely on what I think I can manage.

Exercise: Continued doing very little. I haven’t taken the time recently that I should. That isn’t helpful my overall mental state.

Stress: No particular stress, but my anxiety has been flaring up recently: the feeling of small things that suddenly feel huge, the inability to make decisions (without running through all possible scenarios in my brain for ten minutes to make a minute decision), and general anxiety around inter-personal interactions.

Not taking the needed time to do activities that help me be healthy can be a side-effect of the hypo-mania, particularly lack of sleep. If I am having trouble sleeping and it takes more of my day, then I feel like I have less time in a day. And inevitable make some decisions to skip those activities (like exercise) that I need to do to manage better.

I’m skeptical that these things would solve where I’m at currently. Maybe there is a limit to how well I can manage sometimes and just have to suffer through a bit. I don’t feel like I have many answers or good ideas right now.

Not related, but what was in my head upon waking today

Stuck in a loop

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