Evening Out

I don’t recall being this excited to be even-ing out. This hypomanic period has been one of the least useful/productive and most disruptive (mostly for sleep) in recent memory. So having slept a solid night last night, and feeling more or less “normal” today; I’m happy about that.

I dread the other shoe dropping. It worries me that I’ll slip from sub-manic to even to… down, depressed.

I feel like I’m doing everything right. Keeping a good schedule, sleeping as well as I can, getting outdoors and exercising, taking my vitamins. Aside: I’m not kidding about the vitamins. I have read a few things that suggest that some deficiencies can make various mental issues worse and I feel like it has helped over the time I’ve taken them. I still haven’t spent the time to do some tests – but how I feel is not something that I want to play with.

Even though I feel like I’m doing everything that I can, I’m concerned it won’t be enough and that this downward slope of mood will continue and dip into depression.

*crosses fingers*

Evening Out

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